LPD, Corp. is focused on customer requirements, that's why on site engineering is an option. One customer requirement is always cost. So, with a little adjustment in tactics "Video Conferencing" can be a good compromise in most situations that can save costs in a big way.
It is common for our customers to want key engineers on site where they can manage their progress & direction closely. A typical engineer conducts 80-90% of their activity solo, with meetings & reviews as needed to direct & oversee progress. When onsite engineering coordination is required - there is no substitute, but with video conferencing 80-90% of engineering activity & progress can be monitored remotely. If you can adapt to this type of engineering support with confidence - it can save thousands of dollars over the course of a project.
LPD, Corp. is ready with video conferencing using "NetMeeting" and other such options. NetMeeting is installed in all Windows applications, so there may be no cost for software. One issue is always Fire Wall protection - you will need to coordinate with your "IS department" on this issue - It's your decision !  It's easy to be a "nay sayer", but that is not what LPD, Corp. is about. What we are about is "No Recognized Limits - Only Multiple Paths to Choose From". So give Nick a call to discuss how we can coordinate "On & Offsite" on your next project.