Marketing & CAD tools have opened the design flood gates. Don't get pushed into
a good looking product that falls short in function.
Like FUNCTIONAL improvements = to the FORM of the product (not Form / Function)
With so much "techno-crap", there is always a NEW FRONT in product opportunity.
With Machines, Controls, Consumer Products linked to QS, Six Sigma, SPC, GMPs, etc.,
how do we end up with; not so Smart devices, buttons with text too small, embedded stupidity.
Talk the Talk or Walk the Walk ? Which is it ? You can spin, but the market will make you pay !
Nick can help you "Walk the Walk", but remember this truth
You can have any 2 of the 3 choices, but never all three !
1)   You can have it "GOOD"  
2)   You can have it "FAST"   
3)   You can have it "CHEAP"
We reach for all 3, but the trade off's are always apparent
Call Lumazon Product Development, Corp. if you want #1 - the other two choices are yours as well.
Nick Barrett
For "Sound Product Development" - talk to the guy who has been behind the corporate veil
of so many companies as their secret weapon in the battle for product supremacy.

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