Lumazon - incorporated Jan. 2000 in Boulder Creek California to serve advanced technology companies of the Silicone Valley area. Created by Nick Barrett, a Senior Electro-Mechanical Engineer and Engineering Generalist in order to provide on demand access to his unique engineering skills and a few select associate senior engineers. In the search for a cost effective corporate home Nick relocated to Rockwood TN in May 2001. Re-incorporating as "Lumazon Product Development Corp.", a small, highly focused engineering company.
Now residing in the 20,000 sq/ft corporate home with room to flex and experiment, Nick is the primary resident engineer available for your project needs. The corporate offices allow space & equipment & other engineers (when needed) to work & collaborate, & by video conferencing to remote sites - according to customer needs.
The flexibility of this corporate strategy allows Nick & other senior engineers the widest possible latitude in work hours & customers served. As a contract engineer owned company the objective is to provide the lowest cost to the customer and leverage the maximum effort & hours to your project in the shortest time frame. As a contract engineer that can be turned on & off like a faucet and at the customers command, it is imperative that any benchmark assignments be completed in the shortest time frame. If there are significant intervals of idle time between tasks the engineer must be free to work on other projects. As our customer you will have control over these issue, you can have "Long Haul Engineering Support" or "On Call".
If your objective is to apply the widest possible experience level & capabilities to your project with the lowest labor count, your in the right place. If your looking for the shortest path & timeline to completing your project, your in the right place. If you think your project can be more economically completed by a junior engineer on a learning curve, your in the wrong place. All projects have their own unique requirements and only you can make that call, so when you have an engineering task that requires real horse power, call Nick at LPD, Corp.
Nick Barrett created this web site to allow potential clients insight into the wide spectrum of experience, contacts, & resources that can be leveraged on their next project through LPD, Corp. .